XION® Protective Gear produces a variety of under garments for the PPE market. Our Personal Protective Equipment can be worn comfortably underneath any uniform or other work wear. XION® base layer body protection protects against blunt trauma impact using a proven concept which contains the revolutionary D3O  technology.

low profile protection

The P-100n provides exceptional blunt and sharp object impact resistance and is built with a flame extinguishing lacquer and Nomex liner. It also  easily combines with the AVON HM50 mask. 

The helmet is light weight (1500g), comes equipped with a clear PC visor, with anti-fog (inside) and anti-scratch (outside), and a PU-Kevlar neck protection. 

Used by agencies around the world

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three Sizing options

Three sizes of helmet shell: Each officer is issued with a helmet of appropriate size, offering maximum protection at minimum weight.

Optimised chin strap

From the Schuberth motorbike helmet development: the micro-lock ratchet fastener allows the chin strap to be easily loosened or quickly adjusted when putting on a balaclava or the protective mask.

helmet/mask combination

Made to be combined: the tactical full-face mask HM50 from AVON Protection, the SCHUBERTH police helmet P100N the CT-Neckband Headset 331 from CeoTronics.


Crowd control entails challenging requirements. The helmet-mask combination HMK150 from SCHUBERTH offers appropriate enhanced protection to ensure occupational safety.

It combines three top products in one complete system.

– Tactical full-face mask HM50 from AVON Protection

– SCHUBERTH police helmet P100N

– CT-Neckband Headset 331 from CeoTronics


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